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  • Malgorzata Jadczak

    Malgorzata Jadczak

    "Always be curious about the world and your profession."

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    Małgorzata Jadczak became inspired to shape and improve clinical practice and patient outcomes as an active member of Polish anesthesia and intensive care societies. Her passion to discover the best prevention strategies and solutions for critically ill patients led her to establish an interdisciplinary working group of therapeutic nurses and paramedics for neuro-trauma care.

    As a peer educator, Małgorzata leads several training courses, workshops and other educational projects on safe IV care standards, enhanced patient safety and the reduction of Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections (CLABSIs).

    Małgorzata believes that prevention is key to improving patient outcomes and continues to lead collaborative efforts to find new evidence-based solutions in the IV care space.

    • Recent Publications:

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