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  • Prof. Dr. Jiří Charvát

    Jiri Charvat
    “Through research, collaboration and dedication, clinicians can work together to successfully prevent infections.”
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    As head of an intensive care unit, member of a well-known global committee and Chairman of an international society for ports and long-term catheters, Jiří Charvát is dedicated to sharing his expertise in vascular access to improve patient care. In 2012, he supported the first peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) specialist nursing team, helping them succeed in reducing catheter infection rates, vein thrombosis rates, catheter occlusion and catheter displacement.

    Professor Charvát has spent the last 20 years as head physician of the metabolic ICU at a university hospital, with expertise in inserting intravenous ports and long-term catheters. In 2013, an independent vascular access center for adult patients was established, which focuses on patients with medium-term catheters, long-term catheters, ports, tunneled catheters and perm catheters. In addition to inserting 1,600 PICCs and midline catheters in 2016, Prof. Charvát’s dedicated IV team has worked with the Ministry of Health to establish a long-term course for nurses to become certified to insert PICCs and midline catheters.

    Professor Charvát has been involved in numerous studies about infection reduction and immunodeficiencies. He recently initiated his own study about the effects of PICC use in oncology settings and did research about midline catheter issues. He continues to take part in academic seminars on topics like long-term venous access, is an academic and scientific professor at a well-regarded university and is a strong influencer of new trends and performance in Czech and Slovak Republic.

    • Recent Publications:

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