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  • Patty Hignell

    Patty Hignell
    “Seeing the healthcare system through the patient and their family's eyes has profoundly affected me and made me an advocate for standards and products that help provide the best possible care.”
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    Throughout her 28 years of nursing experience, Patty Hignell has demonstrated her passion for advancing the practice of IV care therapy. Patty was at the forefront of standardizing and improving IV care at one of the largest health authorities in British Columbia, chairing a vascular access committee including representatives from 12 acute care hospitals, outpatient care and surgery centers, and residential, home, and community care.

    Patty serves as a consultant for clinical quality and patient safety programs, further developing unique expertise related to IV care and demonstrating an enthusiastic passion for leading the implementation of best practice recommendations. For the past nine years, Patty has also been the chair of a vascular access clinical practice committee, leading the development and standardization of clinical practice guidelines and procedures, and educational tools for vascular access, infusion therapy and IV pumps.

    • Recent Presentations:

      Hignell, P. Peripheral Intravenous Initiation: Self-Learning Module. 2016. View module. 

      Hignell, P. Central Venous Catheters In Adult Patients: Self-Learning Module. 2016. View module.