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  • Krista Shea

    Krista Shea

    "Treat every patient like they are part of your family, and always do your best to ensure that patients have the best experience possible."

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    Krista Shea comes from a long line of nurses and caregivers who inspired her to become the passionate clinician she is today. A key stakeholder in policy development, best practices and patient/staff safety, Krista has worked in a number of areas including vascular surgery, professional practice, clinical education and infection prevention, training nurses on the transmission of the Ebola virus.

    Krista describes teaching as one of her greatest passions and has spent several years as a clinical educator. During that time, she's designed and implemented a critical care nursing orientation program using simulation-based education to ensure staff are equipped to provide exceptional care to patients. She says that her passion for teaching stems from her early days as a nurse, when she watched her mentors provide seamless care for critically ill patients.

    Today, Krista continues to educate as a professional practice consultant, driven by her desire to enable nurses to succeed in their roles. From corporate quality and safety initiatives, regulatory activities, to policy development, her expertise continues to help clinicians in committing to clinical excellence and integrating new knowledge into daily practice.

    • Recent Publications:

      Shea K. Implementation and Evaluation of Smart Pump Infusion Devices and Safe Medication Delivery Compliance at London Health Sciences Centre. Presented at: Canadian Vascular Access Association. April 2016; Vancouver, Canada. View poster

      Shea K. Medication STAT! How we can improve safe intravenous medication delivery in critical situations. Canadian Journal of Critical Care Nursing. 2017; 28(2): 59. View abstract

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