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  • Yoshifumi Inoue

    Yoshifumi Inoue
    “Intravascular catheter management is really important to achieve successful nutrition administration.”
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    Inspired to enter his field by a professor who introduced parenteral nutrition in Japan, Yoshifumi Inoue is now an accomplished leader, educator, surgeon and nutritionist.

    Dr. Inoue was instrumental in the introduction of antimicrobial dressings in Japan, and continues to educate and train clinicians on appropriate intravascular catheter management.

    As a lifelong educator, Dr. Inoue has made vast contributions to his field including facilitating an IV seminar with top professionals in IV care management and founding an association for infusion care in Japan.

    • Recent Publications:

      Inoue Y, Nezu, R, Matsuda, H, et al. Prevention of Catheter-related Sepsis during Parenteral Nutrition: Effect of a New Connection Device. Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition. 1992; 16 (6):581-585. View abstract.

      Inoue, Y. Laparoscopic adhesiolysis. Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery. 2006; 314-324. View abstract.