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  • Nutcharee Jungvanichar

    Nutcharee Jungvanichar
    “To ensure patient safety, we have to think about how we can make it better through every phase of the IV process: planning, assessment, access, maintenance and monitoring.”
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    • Throughout Ms. Nutcharee Jungvanichar’s career, she has shown a tenacity and passion for IV care. Inspired by patients who undergo difficult treatment, Ms. Jungvanichar began exploring new best practices to minimize risk and prevent IV complications.

      As Director of Nursing at a world-renowned international hospital. Ms. Jungvanichar has influenced others to improve the standards of practice in IV care. She believes in enhancing the quality of life for all patients and that maintaining vascular access practices will improve patient comfort and safety.

      Ms. Jungvanichar also travels all over Thailand to share and learn from other medical professionals, and strives to inspire others to find opportunities to improve their IV care practices.