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  • Elaine Tardif

    Elaine Tardif

    “Nursing is a great profession that teaches you key basics which you can refer to all your life!”

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    • Inspired by her mother, Elaine Tardif has been a nurse for over 30 years — working in both acute care and long-term care facilities. As a Professional Services Specialist, she works closely with national and international clinicians to develop educational materials related to vascular access products.

      Elaine has given presentations to numerous organizations on topics related to vascular access, Medical Adhesive-Related Skin Injury (MARSI) and wound care. Elaine also developed an innovative technique using vascular access and wound care best practices when skin irritation/skin tears/wounds develop near IV insertion sites.

      Elaine is a member of a well-known Canadian vascular access association, where she plays a key role in the team currently developing up-to-date, evidence-based vascular access guidelines.