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  • Lola Twedt

    Lola Twedt

    “It’s been exciting to be involved with making changes that have profoundly impacted patient outcomes.”

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    With 35 years of nursing experience, Lola Twedt was inspired to specialize in oncology after meeting a patient who taught her that there’s plenty of life to live even when treatment is no longer an option. Lola believes clinicians need to recognize the person underneath the disease and encourage the best quality of life through treatment.

    Lola considers one of her greatest accomplishments helping develop an award-winning program that successfully eliminated central line infections at facilities across South Dakota. The program was recognized nationwide, and she presented her team’s successful results at a national oncology meeting.

    Today, she continues to educate other clinicians on infection reduction and oncology-related topics to help patients’ accomplish their goals and live better.

    • Recent Presentations:

      Twedt, L. Accepting the Challenge: Preventing CLABSI in the Neutropenic Oncology/Transplant Patient Using the CUSP Methodology. Presented at: Oncology Nursing Society Congress; April 24-28, 2013; Washington DC.

      Twedt, L. Using CUSP to Combat CLABSI. Presented at: South Dakota Nurses Association Annual Convention; October 7-8, 2012; South Dakota, ND.

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