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  • Jackie Nicholson

    Jackie Nicholson

    “One of the most memorable moments in my career was when I entered the world of IV Therapy and found such a supportive community with a willingness to share their work.”

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    With a background in intensive care nursing, Jackie has spent the last 11 years specializing in the field of intravenous therapy and vascular access. In 2006, Jackie set up a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) insertion service at a 500-bed hospital. This endeavor saved approximately 1,000 bed days per year and contributed to a 90% reduction in MRSA bacteraemias.

    Jackie continues to excel in her devotion to protecting patients. She has received an award for improving patient safety as well as an IV therapy ‘Nurse of the Year’ award. She was elected to the board of a national vascular access society and doubled the membership of this group as one of their committee chairs.

    She has presented at major industry conferences on subjects ranging from the patient experience to leading teams in challenging times. In 2016, Jackie also took on an interim Head of Nursing position alongside her role of Nurse Consultant for six months. Jackie’s overall focus, delivering the best patient experience and outcomes within the challenging framework of the current national health service, still drives everything she does.

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