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  • Andrii Strokan

    Andrii Strokan
    "It is necessary to have patience and constantly strive for smart, practical improvements."
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    Andrii Strokan has studied and provided care to patients in many countries around the world. His global knowledge was instrumental in implementing new procedures and checklists for the placement of catheters using antimicrobial dressings, resulting in the reduction of catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSIs) at one of the highest-regarded hospitals in Ukraine.

    Andrii continues to advance IV care in Ukraine by developing and conducting practical courses about catheter placement and preventing complications for fellow healthcare professionals. His efforts around education and innovation help ensure the highest level of care delivery to patients.

    • Recent Publications:

      Loskutov, OA, Strokan, A, Mykhalchenko, OM, Martsyniv, VV. Anatomy and pathophysiology of spinal cord injury associated with neuraxial anesthesia. Emergency Medicine. 2017; 61-77.

      Benyuk, VO, Kalenskaya, OV, Goncharenko, VM, Strokan, A, Bubnov, R. Immunohistological chemichal research of the apoptosis and endometrium APUD-system state interreaction in normal and pathological conditions. Health of Woman. 2016; 1(107): 63-66. View abstract

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