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  • Trish Gould

    Trish Gould
    “Infection prevention cannot be achieved alone. It takes a whole team working together to prevent harm to patients.”
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    • With more than 24 years of nursing experience in various roles, Trish Gould found a passion for infection prevention 15 year ago and has been committed to reducing bloodstream infections ever since.

      In her current role as an infection prevention coordinator, Trish led a multidisciplinary team to achieve zero central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs) in her facility’s intensive care unit for more than a year. Previously, the unit hadn’t avoided a CLABSI for more than two months at a time.

      One of Trish’s most memorable moments in her career was experiencing her hospital administration’s shift in focus from infection control to infection prevention after a cluster of very resistant infections entered the facility. The CEO pushed infection prevention to the forefront, declaring the hospital a zero CLABSI facility to prevent unnecessary patient harm.

      Trish previously served as president of the Arkansas chapter of a well-known infection control group, and continues to fuel infection prevention efforts as she serves on a state health advisory committee and an antibiotic resistance committee.