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Simplify your 3M™ V.A.C.® Therapy process while keeping patient information safe.

Compatible with IOS & Android

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Available for both iOS and Android. Download today from the App Store or Google Play.

App features

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    View 3M Products

    Product Navigator, Product Portfolio, and Video Tutorials allow you to find appropriate treatment option, view videos, on application techniques and much more.

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    Get support

    With Connect & Consult, you can contact your local 3M Account Representatives to discuss potential treatment options or to request support.

  • Designed with HIPAA and HITECH in Mind

    Convenience is important but security is paramount. iOn HEALING mobile app provides both in equal measure by equipping you with powerful process-enhancing features that are meticulously designed to preserve compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Managing Patient Outcomes with Security on Your Side

  • iOn HEALING mobile app keeps Protected Health Information (PHI) secure by leveraging powerful security controls, including identity verification, secure authentication, and 256-bit encryption of transmitted data. All interactions on the app take place in the context of permissible communications between Covered Entities for the purposes of healthcare operations. In addition to maintaining compliance with leading healthcare security regulations, iOn HEALING mobile app undergoes regular vulnerability audits.

We Take Protecting Patient Data Seriously

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    Required Registration and Verification Process

    Professional credentials are required to gain access to the app and a verification process ensures only authorized users have access to the patient data.

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    Secure Texting

    All text communications conducted through the app benefit the from same level of security as other forms of PHI.

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    PHI Safeguarding and Auto-Timeout

    Patient data transferred via secure 256-bit encryption and stored on secure servers. We also ensure the user is logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity to protect PHI.

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    Password Complexity

    Access is kept secure via complex password security measures with added option of biometric sign-in.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collected a list of common questions about iOn HEALING mobile app. You can contact us if your question is not addressed here.

  • iOn HEALING™ App is a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant mobile application designed to improve customer support, assist in streamlining business processes, and facilitate more efficient and effective communication between Healthcare Professionals and their 3M Medical Solutions Account Representatives.

  • The app is free for use by Healthcare Professionals in the U.S. and is available for download on the App Store for Apple devices and Google Play for Android devices.

    • Connect: Connect directly with 3M Medical Solutions Account Representatives to request product information or training.
    • Consult: Consult directly with 3M Medical Solutions Account Representatives to share wound information and discuss potential treatment options.
    • Place Orders: Place an order for V.A.C.® Therapy or V.A.C.® Dressing orders and instantly transmit them to 3M for processing.
    • Manage Outcomes: Send your patient’s wound assessments to 3M for reimbursement and claims processing.
    • Product Navigator: Conveniently compare treatment options to identify the optimal path of care for your patient’s wound.
    • Product Portfolio: Obtain information on the wide range of clinically proven wound therapies and dressings by 3M.
    • Video Tutorials: Learn about 3M products, dressing application techniques, mechanisms of action, and much more.
  • Yes. HIPAA permits a covered entity, such as a healthcare provider, to disclose Protected Health Information (PHI) for its own treatment purposes or for the treatment purposes of another healthcare provider. The exchange of PHI among healthcare providers and 3M Account Representatives through the mobile application is directly related to the treatment of the patient and, therefore, is permitted under HIPAA.

  • Yes. iOn HEALING mobile app keeps Protected Health Information (PHI) secure with best-in-class security features:

    • Controlled user access
    • Enforcement of complex passwords
    • 256-bit encryption of data in motion
    • Secure monitored servers
    • No data storage on the mobile device
    • Automatic timed log out
  • The app is designed to meet HIPAA security standards for protecting patient health information. This includes securing and limiting access to patient data, restricting the amount of patient data exchanged through the app, and encrypting all data during transmission.

  • Yes. The app requires an active Wi-Fi connection or access to a 3G or 4G LTE data connection. The internet connection enables encrypted data to be securely transmitted to and from secure servers.

  • You can reset your password by tapping Forgot Password on the Sign In screen.

  • Please contact your local 3M Account Representative or Customer Support at 1-800-275-4524. You can also get in touch with the iOn HEALING™ App support team using our web contact form.

    Please contact your local 3M Account Representative or Customer Support at 1-800-275-4524. You can also get in touch with the iOn HEALING™ App support team using our web contact form.

  • Some Wi-Fi networks may block connections to outside networks. If you are encountering a problem when attempting to login please try disconnecting from the local Wi-Fi network and using your devices 4G network connection.

  • This message means the transaction was unable to be completed. This can sometimes be due to poor internet connection. Please move to a location that provides a stronger Wi-Fi or 4G signal and reattempt the submission.

  • We send 6-digit verification codes to the email provided at registration. Please tap Request New Code and in the pop-up ensure that your email address is correct. If it is not please return to the registration page to update it.

    If you still did not receive a verification code the network your email account resides on may be blocking emails from outside networks. Please contact your IT department to ensure the @mmm.com domain is trusted so that you can receive your verification code and order updates from 3M.

  • Step 1 – From the Home screen tap on 3M™ V.A.C.® Therapy Orders

    Step 2 – Tap on Find a Patient and enter your patient’s details into one of the two searches.

    Step 3 – Tap Search When a patient is located you are presented with two choices.

    – Add Patient and Continue will add the patient to Your Patients list. Use this option if you are the primary clinical caregiver for this patient in the homecare setting.

    – Do Not Add Patient and Continue will provide the ability to view the patient’s V.A.C.® Therapy order status or place a one-time supply order.

  • To remove a patent from My Patients list touch their name and swipe left. This will open a Remove option. Tap on Remove to remove the patient from My Patient List.

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Download the iOn HEALING mobile app

Available for both iOS and Android. Download today from the App Store or Google Play.

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