Patient holding a mug standing on a porch using 3M™ ActiV.A.C.™ Therapy System with iOn Progress™ Remote Therapy Monitoring

iOn Progress™ Remote Therapy Monitoring (RTM)

Help improve patient adherence to Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) while decreasing episodic costs.


Benefits of using 3M™ V.A.C.® Therapy

  • Patient adherence impacts healing1
    Real world data of 1,800+ patients with and without iOn Progress RTM showed that increasing adherence to V.A.C.® Therapy led to a greater reduction in wound volume.2


    Decreasing per patient wound related costs is possible
    Real world data of V.A.C.® Therapy patients demonstrated cost savings compared to other NPWT providers. V.A.C.® Therapy with iOn Progress RTM demonstrated even further benefits.

    Read the full case study (PDF, 217 KB)


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V.A.C.® Therapy continues to have the largest body of NPWT evidence in the world with 2,000+ peer-reviewed publications and more than 75% of published NPWT clinical evidence is based on V.A.C.® Therapy 3

Benefits of using 3M™ ActiV.A.C.™ Therapy System with iOn Progress RTM

  • Blue arrow pointing up showing 143% average increase
    Patient adherence is shown to improve once contacted by the Virtual Therapy Specialist

    15,024 patients showed a 147% increase in hours of use from Dec 2016-Oct 2022.*

    *KCI. National iOn Progress RTM Dashboard.
    Cutameen/RTM_Final_TD4_Tables. [Dec 2016-Oct 2022]


  • Blue arrow pointing down showing 25% average reduction
    Potential Cost Savings

    The average 90-day wound-related cost for patients on iOn Progress RTM has been shown to be much lower than non-monitored.4**

    View Remote Monitoring Saves Costs in Outpatient Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (PDF, 2.2 MB)

    **11,119 vs. $14,752; p=0.0131

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    See how much you could save. Get in touch with us and we can provide you with projected savings.

Providing you with individualized support

  • virtual therapy assistant and patient image and white icon of the vac therapy device on a blue background.
    Active Support for Real Progress

    Device usage data is securely transmitted from the ActiV.A.C. Therapy System using a secure HIPAA-compliant cellular connection. The Virtual Therapy Specialist (VTS) will regularly monitor patient adherence to prescribed NPWT treatment plans.

  • virtual therapy assistant and patient with an icon of a clock on blue background.
    Virtual Therapy Specialist Role
    • Every patient has a dedicated VTS from start to finish, and direct contact with them.
    • Trained in high-risk patient communication and device problem solving.
    • Assists patients in feeling more confident about their capabilities.
    • Quality time is spent with patients to ensure all questions and concerns are resolved.
  • virtual therapy assistant, patient and clinicain images on a blue background respresented to talk though the app.
    Caregiver Roles

    In cases where a problem cannot be solved with a patient directly, the VTS will involve the patient’s primary care provider.

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    The Advantages: Helping Improve Patient Experiences

    iOn Progress RTM has a 95% patient satisfaction score.5
    Additional factors for improving patient experience:

    • 81% use therapy >16 hrs after adherence call5
    • 25% average wound-related savings at 90 days compared to the ActiV.A.C. Therapy System without iOn Progress RTM4



Clinician showing vac therapy device to a patient
NPWT Adherence at Home

iOn Progress RTM demonstrated proven benefits.5
12 hours average increase in utilization.
147% increase in hours of use per day following engagement.

Learn more about the benefits of using iOn Progress RTM:

Download our latest brochure (PDF, 218 KB), or request a demonstration with a rep.


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