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Comprehensive Infection Prevention

Improving patient outcomes at every touchpoint.

As you adapt to shifting infection prevention priorities, we're here to help every step of the way.

  • Every day, you step up. You strive to reduce the risk of healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs), cross-contamination, and transmission of viruses and bacteria in your facility. And as your committed partner, we’re right here with you, helping you respond to ongoing challenges.

    We take a holistic approach to help you identify and reduce infection and transmission risks, navigate rapidly changing standards and guidelines, and provide science-based solutions that can help you protect patients, staff and everyone who enters your facility.


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Reduce the risk of contamination from and transmission between people.

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Equipment & Environment

Reduce the risk of contamination and transmission in high-risk care areas and from multi-patient use instruments and devices.

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Reduce the risk of infection by incorporating evidence-based protocols and training staff on guidelines and best practices.

3M is your team behind the scenes.

You’re being asked to do more with less and balance ongoing healthcare-acquired infection (HAI) initiatives with pandemic response. Whether it is trying to navigate new and changing guidelines, finding alternative product solutions or providing supplemental education to staff, 3M is here to help – both virtually and, if appropriate, in-person.


Resources for current infection prevention and control challenges

You’ve had to get creative in your approach to infection prevention and control and find ways to do more with less. We continue to add new resources, education and information to help you navigate the ever-evoloving dynamics of pandemic response.

  • clinician-using-single-use-ppe-equipment
    Protecting patients and healthcare workers with single-use and single-patient use solutions

    Learn how adding single-use and single-patient use products to an already established infection prevention and control protocol can help provide patients and healthcare workers with another line of defense against cross-contamination among people and medical equipment.

  • Sterilization specialist using a clean trace monitor
    Reducing the risk of cross-contamination

    Learn about science-based solutions to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination including hand hygiene, respiratory protection, skin protection, single-use and single-patient-use products, sterilization and cleaning and disinfection.

  • medical professionals collaborating
    Partnering to improve clinical outcomes

    The 3M™ Peak™ Clinical Outcomes Program provides you with the resources and partnership you need to define and achieve the outcomes most important to you, your patients and your organization. We offer customized assessment tools to empower you to drive compliance by streamlining the auditing process and providing customized guidance and feedback to help define success.

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Putting safety first: Infection prevention during COVID-19 and beyond

Many of the basic infection prevention principles (e.g. hand hygiene, environmental cleaning and disinfection, properly using personal protective equipment and respiratory etiquette) are now at the forefront of clinicians’ minds. Read a blog post to learn how infection prevention priorities have shifted pre-pandemic to today.


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  • *3M solutions can play a role in supporting government and industry guidelines aimed at infection and transmission control. 3M does not make any claims that its products prevent or reduce the incidence of infection or the transmission of disease. For specific 3M products, please refer to the intended use found in the Instructions For Use.