Clinicain applying red bandage dressing on splint

3M Splinting Products

Don't forget about the casting and splinting accessories. Check out our different synthetic cast padding and stockinet options, that will help make your patients more comfortable.

When it comes to treating injuries, all splinting solutions are not created equally. Patients depend on you to provide the best possible care and support. That’s why you should choose the splint that offers comfort and protection for patients and worry-free confidence for you.

New 3M Splint

  • 3M™ Scotchcast™ Quick Step Double Sided Felt Roll Splint on patient with raised arm

    Get Your Cast Wet!

    With breathable felt on both sides, this new 3M™ Scotchcast™ Quick Step Double Sided Felt Roll Splint helps eliminate the risk of wrong-side application. No more guessing which side is right means fewer mistakes.

  • Patient wearing a blue cast waving

    Casting and Splinting Workshops

    Facilitator-led, in-person casting and splinting workshops give you a hands-on learning experience on how to best use our casting and splinting solutions. Take advantage of these opportunities to practice casting and splinting techniques with a trained expert.

Training Videos

  • Casting and splinting education videos

    Get Your Cast Wet!

    Improve your casting and splinting skills at your convenience. Our casting and splinting educational videos teach you techniques to feel more confident in the care you provide. We make learning easy and convenient with a variety of videos designed for many levels of expertise.