3M Bair Hugger Normothermia System is a safe and effective way to warm patients before, during and after surgery

Reduce the risk of patient complications in your Ambulatory Surgery Center

Take steps to reduce complications and help improve patient experience in your ASC.

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    Surgical site infections are uncommon, but when they occur they can be devastating. There’s no simple solution to reducing infections – it takes knowledgeable people, evidence-based strategies and practices, and products with proven and safe technologies.

    3M is here to help. We provide a trusted partnership to help with training and support, clinical expertise on standards and guidelines, clinical knowledge of 3M products and planning guidance.

    Every touch point matters – whether it’s patient warming, sterilization monitoring, or wound care, we can bring you comprehensive solutions powered by 3M science.

    Learn more about 3M Surgical Solutions for Ambulatory Care (PDF, 91.52 KB).

Degrees matter. Are you compliant with ASC-13? 3M can help.

The Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) Quality Reporting (ASCQR) program began collecting data in 2018 on normothermia outcomes, which will affect future payments. Learn more about the measure, known as ASC-13, and how we can help you assess your normothermia protocols.

Ambulatory Care Normothermia Quality Measure
  • ASC-13: Normothermia Outcome is used to assess the percentage of patients having surgical procedures under general or neuraxial anesthesia of 60 minutes or more in duration who are normothermic within 15 minutes of arrival in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). 1

  • 1. ASC Quality Collaboration. ASC Quality Measures: Implementation Guide. Version 5.0 December 2017

What the normothermia quality measure means for your ambulatory surgery center.

  • Ambulatory surgery centers that do not meet program requirements, which include reporting of quality measure data for the ASCQR Program, may receive a reduction in their ASC payment update. Data for ASC-13 are to be submitted using a web-based tool located on the QualityNet Secure Portal at www.QualityNet.org.

    To meet the normothermia quality measure, ASCs should have:

    • A defined process to manage the data collection
    • Staff education including the prevention of inadvertent perioperative hypothermia
    • Defined perioperative temperature management protocol
  • Ambulatory Care Normothermia Quality Measure Payment

  • Your ASC can Own the Zone

    With the introduction of proactive normothermia management, made possible with the 3M™ Bair Hugger™ Temperature Management System, we are helping clinicians Own the Zone and maintain normothermia for every surgical patient, from the second your patient enters pre-op until the moment that patient is discharged.

  • 3M Health Care Academy

    We offer free continuing education for health care professionals. Deepen your education for your ambulatory surgery center.

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