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  • 3M is focused on supporting you with clinically-proven solutions that help protect you and your patients, so you can focus on what matters most, treating patients and restoring lives.

    Learn how 3M can help you minimize the risk of costly complications and increase patient satisfaction.

Treating every patient with the highest level of evidence-based practices can help reduce complication risk.

  • down arrow labeled “fewer complication” next to a equals sign and a arrow pointing up labeled “greater OR efficiency”
  • Transforming outcomes may drive:

    Improved efficiency
    OR time can be optimized as re-admissions go down

    Cost savings
    The economic impact of complications and associated treatment treatment can be reduced

    Enhanced recovery
    Faster discharges can free up surgical beds

Helping you at every touch point.

Whether it’s patient warming, sterilization monitoring or incision management, we offer comprehensive solutions powered by 3M Science that you can rely on.

  • nurse explaining 3M™ Bair Hugger™ Temperature Management System to patient in hospital bed
    Temperature Management Matters

    Are you compliant with ASC-13? 3M has solutions that can help you meet the Medicare ASC-13 quality measures. Surgery Centers that do not meet the normothermia quality measure may receive a reduction in their ASC payment update.

    In their Guideline for Prevention of Unplanned Patient Hypothermia, AORN recommends implementing prewarming when active warming is indicated. Proactive normothermia management, made possible with the 3M™ Bair Hugger™ Temperature Management System (PDF, 3.91 MB), helps clinicians maintain normothermia for every surgical patient, from the second your patient enters pre-op until the moment that patient is discharged.

  • gloved hand picking up surgical instrument
    Sterilization Assurance

    Since the pandemic, there is a new sense of urgency and complexity to your ongoing efforts to provide sterilization assurance and help reduce the risk of cross-contamination at every touchpoint. 3M offers solutions for device reprocessing including sterilization assurance and endoscope cleaning monitoring. We pride ourselves in helping you raise the standard of care for your patients.

  • Access solutions to help you balance safety and efficiency, while reducing the risk of complications for surgical procedures.

  • Find all medical respiratory protection resources in one place, including information about protection options, PPE and skin protection, optimizing your supply and extended use and limited re-use guidance.

  • Learn about the solutions to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination including sterilization, cleaning and disinfection monitoring, hand hygiene, skin protection and single-patient-use products.

  • Through the 3M℠ Health Care Academy, you can register for free webinars covering topics relevant to your clinical practice. Register for upcoming webinars, and access archives from recently conducted events.

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