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Transforming outcomes through patient-centered science.

  • Science is just science until it is applied to something meaningful. At 3M, our science is focused on transforming outcomes for you and the people in your care with products and resources that can help lower costs and improve the patient experience.

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Transforming Outcomes Blog

Explore how science and innovation are transforming skin, helping reduce complications and improving the patient experience.


Our Focus

Helping patients is at the heart of everything we do. Each day we apply our science to the clinical challenges you face to help you transform outcomes across the care continuum.

  • Woman with a skin condition getting ready to swim.

    Protecting and managing skin and wounds

    Combining our science with your relentless commitment to care, we can elevate the critical role skin plays in the care and well-being of every person.

  • A health care provider handing a mother her newborn in the hospital.

    Reducing preventable complications

    Together, we can address the challenges that increase length of stay and the total cost of care -- driving toward one goal: a world with zero complications.

  • A health care provider helping an elderly patient stand up.

    Helping patients return to daily living

    Let’s move care forward by challenging, improving and evolving how we help patients heal from treatment and restore their lives.

United by Purpose

  • 3M and KCI Logo

    KCI is now part of 3M. As one global team, we’re developing new, and providing broader, solutions that help deliver improved health care outcomes with better economic value.

Explore 3M Medical

  • Product Solutions

    Our evidence-based and effective technologies can help reduce the risk of complications and optimize care. Learn how 3M science can help transform outcomes.

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  • 3M™ Peak™ Program

    The 3M™ Peak™ Clinical Outcomes Program provides you with the resources needed to drive change at your facility. 3M is your trusted partner, supporting you in defining and achieving the outcomes most important to you, your patients, and your organization.

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  • Continuing Education

    Through the 3M℠ Health Care Academy, you can register for free webinars covering topics relevant to your clinical practice. Register for upcoming webinars, and access archives from recently conducted events.

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