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3M℠ Securement Optimization Program

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An important part of delivering a safe, successful patient experience starts with your securement solutions. The products your facility chooses, in addition to how clinicians apply and remove them, may seriously impact clinical outcomes, cost targets and patient care.

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    For every 100 patients who receive a medical tape application, 55 treatments for MARSI will be needed.1

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    74% of partially used tape rolls from various sites within the hospital had some bacterial growth.2

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    Hospital costs can increase by $36,692 per pediatric patient with an Unplanned Extubation (UE).3

The right securement solutions matter. 3M is here to help.

Our experts will conduct an audit of your current securement solutions mix, identify gaps and opportunities, align to your clinical needs and make recommendations to ensure you’re utilizing the right securement solutions for your facility’s priorities.

The 3M℠ Securement Optimization Program can help:

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    Simplify clinical decision-making

    3M’s streamlined product portfolio, along with our in-depth training and education, makes it easy to choose the right securement product for the right patient and application, reducing confusion and the risk of complications like Medical Adhesive-Related Skin Injury (MARSI) and Unplanned Extubations (UE).

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    Protect patient safety

    Keeping patients safe is everyone’s job. With our single-patient-use products, we can help reduce the risk of cross-contamination caused by products used on multiple patients. And nearly all of our securement solutions are not made with natural rubber latex, helping protect patients with a latex allergy or sensitivity.

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    Enhance operational efficiency

    The right securement solutions can help reduce inventory costs and improve consistency of care, while making storage more efficient. Plus, with single-patient-use rolls, you can reduce waste while you help reduce the risk of infection.

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    Safeguard patient skin

    Protecting patient skin is everyone’s job, too. As a leader in adhesive science, 3M has securement solutions designed for every type of skin – from intact to at-risk – and we can help your facility implement skin-safe securement practices to help drive positive skin outcomes.

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How the 3M℠ Securement Optimization Program works

Visual process diagram showing the four program steps: Audit, Analyze, Recommend and Support.
  • Step 1: Audit

    Our experts will work with your clinical champions to gather facility data that includes current securement product usage and applications, amount of securement waste, clinical demands and goals, and current purchasing process.

  • Step 2: Analyze

    We’ll then evaluate that data, looking for inefficiencies we can turn into opportunities to improve everything from the ordering and inventory process to how clinicians select and apply each securement product.

  • Step 3: Recommend

    Next, we’ll develop a recommendation for the right mix of securement products based on your facility’s needs, goals and compliance requirements. Plus, we’ll partner with you every step of the way to ensure the new plan is implemented successfully.

  • Step 4: Support

    We’ll also follow up with training and additional resources to ensure your staff gets the information they need to make the right securement choice for the right clinical need.

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Think skin deeper.
Think Skin Deeper

Find out how thinking skin first can help impact outcomes and improve experiences.



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1Maene, B. (2013). Hidden costs of medical tape-induced skin injuries. Wounds UK, 9(1), 46-50.
2Lavelle BE. Reducing the Risk of Skin Trauma Related to Medical Adhesives. Managing Infection Control. June 2004.
3Roddy, D. J., MD, Spader, M. C., MD, MS, Pastor, W., MA, MPH, Stockwell, D. C., MD, MBA, & Klugman, D., MD, MMS. (2015, July). Unplanned Extubations in Children: Impact on Hospital Cost and Length of Stay. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, 16(6), 572-575.

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