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Health Care Assessment & Utilization

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  • You rely on 3M for innovative products and creative problem solving. Now you can leverage 3M's clinical expertise and business acumen to address key clinical and business challenges. Improve your performance in healthcare compliance and audits or refine your inventory management process. 3M can help uncover the solutions that deliver critical clinical and economic benefits wherever you need them most.

Improve health care compliance & inventory management

  • Improve health care compliance

    Health care compliance: Safety in Practice Program

    Implement patient safety guidelines, improve patient outcomes, reduce hospital costs, retain healthcare talent

    The 3M Safety in Practice Solution provides a programmatic approach to implementing Operating Room and Central Sterile best practice guidelines.

    • Assess the current situation – data analysis and benchmarking
    • Understand compliance
    • Build a roadmap for improvement
    • Create long lasting change management


  • Health care inventory management

    Inventory management: Product Standardization Program

    Reduce waste, improve efficiencies, standardize clinical practice

    The 3M Standardization and Utilization Program provides a data and clinical driven analysis for product selection.

    • Assess the current situation – data analysis and benchmarking
    • Understand waste and clinical use
    • Build a roadmap for improvement
    • Eliminate unnecessary purchases, streamlining inventory

The benefits of improved health care compliance and inventory management