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Health Care Compliance

Patient safety and best practice guidelines. We got it, right?

  • When it comes to patient safety, it's always top-of-mind. Your surgical team has their system down pat, but sometimes infections happen and the reason is not always known.

    Surgical site infection ratio graphic

    Of every 100 patients admitted to a hospital, five will acquire an infection during their stay, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).1

Improving your patient safety means better patient outcomes

  • health care compliance and hospital compliance

    Reducing preventable complications seems easy enough to do. But it might not always be clear what they are. 3M can help you through the Safety in Practice Program.

    We will do an unbiased assessment of your facility, observing your current protocols and processes then recommending best practices for improving compliance with guidelines.

    Better compliance with healthcare guidelines can positively impact patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Our assessment may help you improve patient outcomes, and reduce preventable complications, by standardizing your operating room and central sterile operations to help meet national guidelines.

  • Reduce the risk of surgical site infections

    Provide safe surgical care and help reduce the risk of surgical site infections to improve outcomes and contribute to improved patient experience

  • Reduce hospital costs

    Help reduce costs associated with treating surgical site infections and corresponding lost revenue

  • Recruit and retain health care talent

    Recruit or retain surgeons, nurses, technical team through demonstration of high-performing teams, adherence to best practices and achieving outcomes

  • 3M focuses on the protocols and processes in your facility. Observations are guidelines and best practice focused. Assessment Observations are not product focused and will not be sales related.