3M™ Sterilization and Cleaning Monitoring Education

Sterile instruments and clean facilities are critical components to delivering safe and efficient health care. By having trained and committed people employing the current best practice standards, aided by effective technology, it's possible to help sterilization departments support patient safety.

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Sterilization Education

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3M is known for quality and reliability when it comes to answering product questions and sharing technical expertise. We also offer live and on-demand training opportunities, to keep up on best practices. See below for our current educational webinars.

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  • medical people working in a lab
    Steam Sterilization Cycle Optimization

    This webinar will deliver key elements to improve the steam cycle configuration, addressing common challenges and sharing some strategies on how to implement the changes.

    Speaker: Paulo Laranjeira, PhD

    Earn 1.0 CE Contact Hour

    When: November 18, 2021

    9AM CDT
    1PM CDT

  • Female doctor discussing results with medical team
    The Nitty Gritty of Sterilization Recalls

    The use of risk management tools enable CSSD professionals to be ready for a worst case scenario, using a multi lever approach of tools that will prevent recalls in a timely manner.

    Speaker: David Jagrosse

    Earn 1.0 CE Contact Hour

  • Technician folding a cloth
    Documentation Do’s & Don’t’ s for SPD Quality

    This webinar will deliver key information for CSSD professionals to assess their system and their strategies to reduce risks to patients.

    Speaker: Alison Sonstelie

    Earn 1.0 CE Contact Hour

Customized Educational Tracks

3M offers a full breadth of on-demand education through 3M Health Care Academy, below we have customized educational tracks to fit your specific needs with some of our most-popular archived webinars. Boost your education and earn FREE CE’s today!
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