• Nancy L. Moureau, RN, BSN,CRNI, CPUI, VA-BC

    Global I.V. Leadership Summit Faculty

    • Nancy L. Moureau

      Nancy L. Moureau RN, BSN, CRNI, CPUI, VA-BC

      Nancy Moureau is an internationally recognized speaker and expert in the field of peripherally inserted central catheters and vascular access practice. A nurse for more than 30 years Nancy continues her clinical work as staff member on the PICC/IV team at Greenville Memorial Hospital in Greenville, SC. As the owner and CEO of PICC Excellence, Nancy creates online educational programs and works with companies to provide education to clinicians. Nancy is constantly involved with research and literature analysis, now working in conjunction with Griffith University and the AVATAR group Alliance for Vascular Access Teaching and Research as an adjunct associate professor and a doctoral candidate. Nancy takes on many projects and most recently chaired the International Consensus Forum for the World Congress of Vascular Access (WoCoVA) to establish Standard Minimal Education Requirements for Central Venous Access Devices. Nancy has established the only registered PICC Certification process, Certified PICC Ultrasound Inserter, where those who meet and maintain qualifications gain the credentials CPUI. She is happy to act as a resource and is available by email on your handouts or through the website www.piccexcellence.com