Coban 2 Two-Layer Compression Therapy leg wrap

3M™ Coban™ 2 Two-Layer Compression System Tools

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Training Videos

View videos to learn proper application techniques or learn more about venous leg ulcers.

Application Guides

Clinician and Patient Testimonials

  • Clinician with patient checking wrap

    “My patients appreciate being able to wear their own shoes.” — Marcia Hauter, M.D., Wound Healing Center, Normal, IL

  • Patient with leg wrap reading to child

    “I started using Coban 2 Layer [Compression System] and noticed a difference in the size of my ulcer after a month.” — Dorothy Leonard, Yuma, AZ

  • Clinician wrapping patient

    “I’ve definitely noticed a difference in patient compliance and wear time.” — Andrzej Stypko, M.D., Hopkins County Memorial Hospital, Sulphur Springs, TX

  • Clinician with patient smiling

    “My patients are happier with the Coban 2 Layer [Compression System] than with other compression systems.” — Joseph Snow, M.D. Concord Hospital Wound Healing Center, Concord, NH