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    We’re not keeping up with advancements in medical wearables - 
    we’re driving them.

    As the world forever changes and evolves, so does healthcare. Advancements in care have led to an increased demand for medical wearable devices that have helped improve access to healthcare. No matter the patient’s location. Wearable devices can be worn on wrists, in ears, on heads, to cover eyes, on clothing and even on skin.

    With decades of experience driving technological advancement and designing skin-friendly adhesives for medical devices, 3M continues to deliver products that patients need. Whether you’re designing wearables for diabetes management, cardiovascular monitoring, pharmaceutical care or sports analytic tracking, 3M is here to support you in your medical device journey.

Explore the science behind 3M adhesive technology.

  • Get adhesive solutions that reliably adhere to skin, safely stay in place and are comfortable for wearers — all while performing the critical health monitoring that patients need. With 3M adhesive technology for wellness and health monitoring, you can trust that your medical adhesives will deliver the solutions you demand.

    While designing our wellness and health monitoring adhesives, we kept our focus on what matters: the patients. Skin safety, comfort, extended wear and manufacturability were all factors we kept in mind when designing our adhesive solutions.

    Our products provide solutions for diabetes management, heart and cardiovascular monitors, and even sleep monitoring devices.

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  • When it comes to drug delivery, whether inpatient or outpatient, it’s important to have medical device adhesives that are reliable and strong. Trust that your insulin pumps, dialysis devices and chemotherapy delivery systems are safely adhered with the help of 3M adhesive technology.

    When creating adhesives for pharmaceutical wearables, there are major challenges to consider. How can we create an adhesive that has gentle adhesion and removal, while still reliably sticking to skin? How can we best avoid medical adhesive-related skin injuries (MARSI)? What steps should we take to ensure that the materials we use are reliable? 3M has addressed all these challenges and found ways to overcome them.

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  • Medical adhesives have come a long way over the years, particularly in the dramatic advancement of safety and performance wearable adhesives. Both athletes and workers experience improvement in safety and performance, from hydration monitoring to concussion assessment, to exposure monitoring when your device can reliably stick to skin with a 3M adhesive.

    When designing adhesives for safety and performance wearable devices, it’s important that the adhesives and materials are durable, comfortable, personalized and easy to use.

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