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Endurance Matters for Medical Device Applications

  • The convergence of healthcare becoming more patient-centric with the sophistication of data and technology means medical device developers have an opportunity to lead the health tech sector into the future. The key is making devices that integrate into their users’ lives so the devices can enable relevant data to be collected, and people to comply with their health and wellness regimen, resulting in more meaningful health outcomes.

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The Effects of Tape Construction

As a medical device manufacturer, your key consideration when selecting a tape is ensuring proper adhesion to the patient's body. Whether it's affixed for several hours, a day, a week or even longer, your wearable device needs to stay attached to do its job. While adhesion is critical, there are other variables that need to be considered—such as ergonomic requirements, skin condition, the patient population and wear time.

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  • As a medical device design engineer, you have a lot to consider. Will the user of your device have sensitive skin? Sweaty skin? Finding the right device adhesive can be difficult. 3M can help. With over 55 years in the adhesive industry, 3M scientists are passionate about studying skin. We’ll be your partner to help you through the material selection process and stick with you to help you get your product to market.

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