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The science of skin behind medical device innovation

Skin sticks with us – from infancy to mature adulthood. Skin safeguards our organs and tells the story of our health. When it comes to designing skin-friendly adhesives, adhesive dressings and medical devices, the medical device design can be a complex puzzle.


Watch the videos to understand the science of skin and medical device innovation

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    graphic showing a cross-section of the different layers of skin
    The challenges around medical adhesives adhering to skin and how we overcome that

    video Length (4:23)

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    Three graphics showing medical adhesives made from (left to right); natural rubber latex, acrylate adhesives and Silicone adhesives
    3M has specialized in developing medical adhesives from Natural Rubber Latex, to Silicone adhesives

    video length (5:21)

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    graphic showing the different types of medical adhesive related skin injury or MARSI
    Understand how medical adhesives should be considered in medical device design to help prevent MARSI

    video Length (3:14)

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