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Science of Silicones

Comfortable and conformable
Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes are designed for consistent adhesion to skin during wear. Our portfolio of skin-friendly, conformable and comfortable silicone products provides you with solutions that deliver reliable, pliable and easy-to-remove adhesives.

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    Silicone Adhesives

    The goal, when adhering to skin, is to hold the device in place until it is time to remove it and to not damage the skin, either during wear or at the time of removal. Using methods developed for determining the surface energy of plastics and other materials, the surface energy for human skin has been measured in the low twenties [dynes/cm] – in other words, skin is as difficult to stick to as untreated polyolefins or even fluoropolymers. Low surface energy, as a property of human skin, is generally great for most of the things skin is expected to do, such as easy removal of contaminants with simple soap and water. The downside is that tapes must balance between adequate adhesion levels for the majority of users – the middle of the bell curve – and the ends of that curve. When the adhesion is too low, the device may not stay in place long enough for the full therapeutic effect and if it adheres too well, the tape may cause some mechanical trauma at removal.

2484 3M™ Single-Coated Medical Polyurethane Hi-Tack Silicone Adhesive

Compared to 3M's standard silicone our hi-tack silicone brings you a gentle yet secure solution with increased sheer performance, higher tack, stronger adhesion, and longer wear time. Learn more about our newest Hi-Tack Silicone Adhesive Portfolio addition, 2484 3M™ Single-Coated Medical Polyurethane Hi-Tack Silicone Adhesive on Liner.

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