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It’s no secret that skin has many layers. The same can be said for transdermal patches. Several components comprise a transdermal patch: backings, liners, membranes and tapes. 3M delivers the customer and technical support you need to solve for challenging formulations, enhance patch aesthetic appearance and design for long-term success.

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    3M helps you meet your regional regulatory standards by providing you with a Letter of Authorization referencing our components Drug Master File. We’ll supply the material, specifications and components to help streamline the approval process.

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    Quality change control systems and Lean Six Sigma tools help ensure high quality and consistency for your product.

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    Our representatives help determine the right materials for your project and offer technical and quality support every step of the way.

Transdermal component products.

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  • The release liner protects the adhesive and drug formulation and is removed prior to patch application. When choosing a liner consider adhesive and drug formulations along with release force.

  • The backing is the outermost layer of the patch, and it protects the formulation during wear. When choosing a backing consider the barrier properties, patient comfort, and cosmetic appearance.

  • In multi-layer and reservoir patch systems, the membrane contributes to the control of the diffusion rate of the drug into the skin. When choosing membranes consider material composition and thickness.

  • Tapes protect the patch and provide good skin adhesion during wear. Our tape components are part of 3M's family of medical tapes, which can be found in hospitals and clinics around the world.

  • Adhesive technology that sticks with you.

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