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Medical diagnostic device materials

Before you design devices people trust, choose a partner you can trust.

If you design and manufacture molecular diagnostic devices or point of care diagnostic devices that use microfluidics, 3M can help on your journey.

We’ll use our unmatched levels of technical expertise to support you, from prototype to production. As your trusted partner throughout the process, we can help you choose the correct materials early on, think through your design and ultimately help get your product to market.

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    Our roots in molecular diagnostics can help you grow.

    3M is a leader in the healthcare industry and has been for over 55 years. Our advanced technologies have contributed to the creation of thousands of new healthcare products worldwide.

    From specific layers for biosensors to integrated consumables for lab-on-a-chip applications, we can help you design and manufacture diagnostic tests and devices incorporating microfluidics. Microfluidic technology has driven advancements in devices used for clinical, molecular and immunoassay diagnostics.

    Our broad range of advanced materials are incorporated in applications such pathogen detection, chronic disease monitoring, cancer screening and genetic biomarker detection.

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    Point of care: The tests are getting smaller, our partnership isn’t.

    With an increasing demand for accurate point of care diagnostic tests, device manufacturers are being tasked with taking diagnostic tests out of the lab and miniaturizing them for use at pharmacies, schools, homes and more.

    3M’s global expertise in microfluidics has positioned us as the ideal partner to assist in this endeavor. We’re poised and ready to help you drive change and innovation in this ever-evolving market.

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Need help or want samples?

Our design specialists love to answer questions and offer customized recommendations for your unique device needs.


Materials Matter

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The information clinicians and patients receive from diagnostic tests is crucial. As a result, so is every element you put into your device. Choose the right materials to deliver consistently reliable performance.

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    3M™ Hydrophilic Films

    3M™ Hydrophilic Films consist of specialty coatings and materials to enable efficient flow of fluids through capillary channels. 3M Surfactant-Free Hydrophilic Technology offers a chemically inert solution to minimize the potential for test inference and bias.

  • 3M™ Substrates and Films
    3M™ Substrates and Films

    We use a variety of specialty materials and substrates for your microfluidic device solutions such as membranes, polyester films, coatings, engineered fluids, and more.

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    3M™ Bioassay Compatible Adhesives

    These adhesives are formulated for biological assays specially used in PCR, qPCR, and ELISA. They are designed to minimize the potential for chemical and/or optical interference.

  • 3M™ Adhesive and Spacer Tapes Test Strip Layers
    3M™ Adhesive and Spacer Tapes

    3M adhesive technology is engineered for low build-up of residue in high volume die cutting operations. They are manufactured to tight thickness specifications and contain low levels of volatiles to ensure compatibility with your chemistry.

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Find my material.

Need help finding the correct materials to move fluid in your device? Try this simple selector tool.

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    3M Science

    3M’s success has grown from a deep bench of scientific and technical innovation. With 51 technology platforms, as an OEM component supplier, 3M has a wide diversity of technologies to help in your next medical device innovation. Collaboration across these technologies can spur innovative solutions that help our partners, caregivers and patients.

    Our desire to continuously improve our science and technology drives who we are and what we make. Accordingly, we’re constantly investing in new technologies and research and development that will further improve test accuracy, reduce costs and add efficiency and value for you.

    Keep abreast of our new microfluidic technology, products and services.

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    3M Quality Measures

    3M stands out with our decades of experience, global service, and ISO certified manufacturing facilities to support your growing needs.

    We use quality management systems designed to ensure the highest possible level of consistency. We’ll supply the documentation you need (Technical Information Sheets, Certificate of Conformance and/or Analysis).

    With our strict change control management, you can be confident you’re achieving the highest level of consistency to help give your customers confidence in the accuracy of their test results.

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    3M Preferred Converter Network

    In addition to our exacting quality measures, we also support 3M Preferred Converters who can help bring your ideas to life.

    Our converters are trusted and skilled professionals who meet strict guidelines. As your partner, you can count on them for manufacturing expertise and helpful industry knowledge.

    Ready to progress with your cutting-edge device? Get in touch with one of our Preferred Converters today.

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    3M Partnership

    From the beginning, our goal is to help you get your medical device manufactured.

    We leverage our global network of engineers, sales team members, and clinical and regulatory experts to help you avoid pitfalls throughout the device design journey.

    This expansive team can help you select the right materials for your device, consider various aspects of your design and problem solve challenges you may face.

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What’s your dream material?

Great inventions are born from need. If you’re unable to find an adhesive you need for your specific application, please contact us. Our innovative team of scientists and engineers are up to the challenge.


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