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Med Tech Gurus Podcasts

Med Tech Gurus is a podcast that helps medical device executives stay on the leading edge of their industry. Explore the episodes below to hear from 3M experts.

  • Pat Wright
    The Many Stages Of Development By: Pat Wright

    Pat Wright, an Account Manager with Addev Inc, explains how you can avoid pitfalls that can cost you and your team precious time and money as you start to scale.


    Duration: 27 min

    Listen now to the many stages of development podcast

  • Kevin Pickett
    Why You Should Know A Converter By: Kevin Pickett

    Kevin Pickett, the Global Business Development Manager with Marian, Inc, explains how to reduce frustration and help save time as your technology enters the manufacturing and scale phase.


    Duration: 30 min

    Listen now to why you should know a converter podcast

  • Abbi Johnson
    The Process of Scaling Manufacturing By: Abbi Johnson

    Abbi Johnson, 3M product development engineer, shares her tips for successful manufacturing at scale.e sit amet est et sapien ullamcorper pharetra.


    Duration: 31 min

    Listen now to the process of scaling manufacturing podcast

  • Robin Huneke Rosenberg
    In Patient Care One Size Doesn’t Fit All By: Robin Huneke Rosenberg

    Robin Huneke Rosenberg, 3M clinical product support leader, explains why customization matters in medical device design.


    Duration: 30 min

    Listen now to in patient care one size doesn't fit all podcast

  • Audrey Sherman
    A Blueprint For Quality & Scale By: Abbi Johnson & Audrey Sherman

    We welcome back two good friends of Med Tech Gurus, Ms. Abbi Johnson Project Manager and Audrey Sherman Division Scientist at 3M. These two are dynamo’s when it comes to the best practices of how to scale with a quality focus.


    Duration: 30 min

    Listen to A Blueprint For Quality & Scale

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