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Imagine the Possibilities of Your Innovation
In today’s increasingly fast-paced medical device marketplace, you need a converter who understands the industry and exceeds expectations. 3M Preferred Converters have certified expertise, backed by a history of 3M quality and innovation. Count on this shared industry knowledge and experience to bring your next big idea to life.

Benefit from Certified Expertise
3M Preferred Converters must meet strict guidelines to be recognized as industry experts and leaders in their field. Their acceptance into this “best-in-the-business” program means you can count on them to understand market demands and offer the right resources for you.

Gain Confidence with a Proven Track Record
Your converter is backed by 3M—and over 55 years of proven success in developing medical adhesives for healthcare. 3M GMP, ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and FDA-listed manufacturing plants deliver quality products that put your converter—and you—in a better position to pioneer the next generation of breakthrough medical devices.

Select by Application

Designing a high-tech medical device helps enable the healthcare of the future. With over 55 years in the medical adhesive business, 3M is uniquely qualified to help you choose the right skin adhesives and navigate your way to market with confidence.

We’re Never Far Away

  • 3M has a sales and service presence in more than 65 countries—including healthcare and manufacturing hubs in China, Germany, Poland, Thailand and the U.S. The 3M Preferred Converter Network includes teams of local experts who are helping advance innovations around the world. Partnering with a 3M Preferred Converter gives you greater access to 3M’s industry-leading materials, global supply chain capability and technical expertise. Search the map for a converter who fits your needs.

    Need help exploring solutions to your need?

  • Body Worn Adhesives, Medial Adhesives and Film

    In highly-regulated industries—you need a partner you can trust. 3M technical and design experts, paired with our Preferred Converter Network, will help you choose the right film or adhesive for you, no matter where you are in the development process. From retail applications to medical devices to health monitoring, we’ll collaborate to create a solution for success.

  • Microfluidics Solutions

    When it comes to Microfluidic devices microfluidics—3M gets it. We are your trusted source for advanced technologies used in the design and manufacture of microfluidic devices. Whatever your need, whether it be a specific layer for a biosensor or an integrated consumable for a lab-on-a-chip application or a diabetes management product, we’ll translate that need into a solution.

  • Create tomorrow’s medical device innovations today

    Let’s work together to put 3M materials to work for you. Give us a call to get started!

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