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    Finishing your dreams.


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    Finishing your dreams.

    Abrasives from 3M provide the finishing touch on any project, big or small.

    • 3M™ abrasives help make dreams a reality.

      Everyone’s dreams are unique—whether you picture yourself aboard a brand new boat, in a freshly redesigned kitchen, or dancing the night away with a knee that finally gives you no pain. What you may not know is that 3M™ Abrasive Technology can be a driving force behind achieving those dreams.

      For more than 100 years, our abrasive technology has provided the brilliant finish to a diverse mix of projects and products across numerous industries. We're talking about more than just sandpaper; more than just polishing.

      It’s 3M abrasives that help provide the shine on the world’s finest boats. They also help provide beautiful and consistent surfaces across your kitchen cabinets, appliances, and faucets. It’s our abrasives that precisely grind medical implants.

      From dreams at the molecular level, to dreams that span the sky, our abrasives help ensure the end result meets your strictest standards.