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    Keep your team connected when it matters most.


    sound reduction and communications solutions

    • 3M™ Communications Solutions

      Clear communication is key to helping keep work crews safe and productive, especially when they’re working in loud environments or with heavy machinery. At 3M, we help crews hear what they need to with a spectrum of communication solutions designed with safety in mind.

      Around the globe, and from factory floors to construction sites, noise hazards are a real challenge. Not only do they pose the threat of hearing damage, but they make it hard for teams to stay aware and stay connected. And with advanced noise-cancelling headsets and microphones, we can help ensure they stay connected even in loud environments.

      Comfort is key too. That’s why we design products for all-day, everyday use, so your crew can focus on the tasks at hand.

      When your crew can hear more clearly and stay more closely connected, they'll be as powerful and efficient as the machines they operate.