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    Sand control, simplified.


    Sand control, simplified. (Image)

    • If you’re an oil or gas manufacturer, you know how much wear and tear equipment like sand screens and filtration systems can experience over time. It’s important to maintain your business assets—the pieces that make it run smoothly—from erosion, corrosion, and breakdowns.

      Traditionally, sand screens are made of metals that are susceptible to erosion, which can lead to equipment breakdowns in your facility. The first of its kind in the industry, 3M™ Ceramic Sand Screens replace metal screens and use non-oxide ceramics materials to enhance your business productivity and operational efficiency.

      Silicon carbide provides 10 times the hardness and stiffness of metals, staving off wear and tear from hazards like corrosion and erosion.

      Using the unique properties of ceramics, 3M sand screens extend the life of your oil and gas equipment, keeping your business up and running.