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    Protect your hearing. Enjoy the sounds you love.


    Trifecta, Red/Maroon Mesh
    Protect your hearing. Enjoy the sounds you love.

    In a noisy world, 3M helps protect your hearing.

    • Hearing protection from 3M

      Beautiful sounds can bring joy to your day. A favorite song, a child’s laugh, or a ringing phone brining the voice of a loved one from far away. However, the many loud and hazardous noises you encounter daily can have a harmful impact on your hearing.

      Excessive noise can cause hearing loss and drown out the many enjoyable sounds that life has to offer. The good news is that noise-induced hearing loss is 100% preventable. 3M cares about your hearing and works hard to bring you the right solutions, educational information and products to help prevent hearing loss.

      Noise hazard depends on the level of the noise, its duration, and how often the exposure occurs. In response to these hazards, 3M has developed a wide range of earplugs and earmuffs that help provide noise reduction for almost every loud situation.

      3M engineers all our hearing protection products to help prevent you from missing out on the joy of hearing your favorite sounds. At work and at home, protect yourself. Once hearing is lost, it is gone forever.