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    Less noise. More results.


    Trifecta, Orange/Red Mesh
    Less noise. More results.

    Noise damping solutions from 3M can help crews work their shifts with less risk — which helps increase production and improve your bottom line.

    • Mining noise damping

      In mining, the operations and equipment add up to one very loud job site. Noise damping solutions, along with personal hearing protection, helps reduce noise from the source, allowing your crew to work regular shifts. And because fewer shift changes mean fewer interruptions in the workflow, you can see an increase in productivity—and profits.

      3M has a range of sound damping products designed to reduce the impact of noise on your crew and in your operations. 3M™ E-A-R™ Thermal Acoustic Systems can help decrease the crash and bang of a ball mill. Thermal acoustic foam helps dull the roar of an engine. And individual noise indicators can alert an employee when noises reach potentially harmful levels.

      Noise damping and hearing protection solutions help to keep your workers safe and protected. Fewer shift changes mean fewer interruptions in the workflow. Less noise. More results.