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    Lighter, but just as powerful.


    3M™ Friction Shims

    • Every day, you’re looking to build engines that are big on power, without the bulk. As the list of mandatory fuel economy standards grows larger, efficiency also needs to guide your design. However, even in today’s eco-conscious world, consumers still expect the same engine throttle they had before.

      How can you deliver on performance while keeping up with ever-changing fuel economy standards? The solution may start with diamonds.

      The flecks of diamonds that lie inside our 3M™ Friction Shims press into a metal mating surface creating a microform fit, which leads to increased friction that allows the same bolt connection to transmit significantly higher torque loads. The science behind our shims helps you to increase the power of an engine without having to increase component size and weight. In many cases, they may actually allow you to reduce component size.

      The result? You can design engines with the speed and performance that customers demand, with something a little different on the inside.