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    Safer floors. Safer people.


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    Safer floors. Safer people.

    Gain traction toward a safer workplace by reducing slips, trips and falls with our high-traction floor solutions.

    • Helping prevent slips, trips and falls

      The last thing you want to worry about is one of your employees taking a spill on a slippery floor or down a flight of stairs.

      3M knows that the #1 cause for slip, trip, and fall accidents comes from a poor walking surface, resulting in more than 1 million injuries per year in the US alone. That's why we have engineered a range of floor safety solutions to reduce those risks.

      From matting solutions designed to keep nature’s elements where they belong to certified high-traction tapes and treads that prevent slips in the most susceptible areas, 3M can help minimize your facility’s risk and help provide peace of mind for you and your employees.

      The end result is a full portfolio of solutions to help keep your crew safe wherever they walk. 3M has 11 matting products and 7 tape and tread products that can be customized to your facility's needs.

      The solutions are so effective that they’ve earned the high-traction certification from the National Floor Safety Institute. This certification helps ensure that you can trust 3M™ Workplace Safety Solutions to keep your employees and visitors on their feet.