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Worker Health & Safety Training

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Not all safety training is created equal

The Many Benefits of Virtual Reality Training

  • man training with virtual reality to improve his skill sets

    Health and Safety Managers experience many challenges with training the multigenerational workforce and helping workers keep safety top of mind. Common challenges include:

    • Creating memorable, engaging learning experiences that may help influence worker behavior, drive safety culture;
    • Capturing employee engagement and mindshare;
    • Accommodating multi-generational learning styles;
    • Verifying worker knowledge and competency after training; and
    • Affording the time and expense of training.

    When incorporated into workplace training programs, 3M’s portfolio of VR training software apps can help health and safety managers address some of these challenges and create enjoyable learning experiences and opportunities to practice skills and reinforce knowledge. Visit 3M.com/Safety-VR to learn about our available apps.

Instructor-Led Courses

Our full range of fall protection, confined space and rescue training courses are offered year-round at our state-of-the-art training centers. We also offer on-site safety training across our portfolio customized to the unique environment of your facility.

  • Fall Protection Competent Person

    The Competent Person training enables the attendee to be responsible for the immediate supervision, implementation, and monitoring of a managed fall protection program. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a certificate recognizing you have completed the training required to meet OSHA and ANSI requirements as a Competent Person and Competent Inspector.

  • Certified Instructor Fall Protection Authorized Person

    The Competent Trainer program focuses on practical teaching and techniques that allow the student to teach select fall protection courses. This course is a pass/fail program and incorporates extensive classroom and hands-on training and incorporates both written and practical examinations that are based on the requirements of the OSHA regulations and the ANSI Z359.2 standard.

  • Confined Space Level II

    This two-day course discusses various aspects of an on-site confined space program. Participants will learn the principles required to safely identify, assess, monitor, and/or enter the confined spaces they may encounter on the job site. The interactive course will also cover the various roles and responsibilities required for a confined space program.

  • Confined Space Level 1 Certified Instructor

    This program is intended to prepare students to teach 3M's Confined Space Level 1 program. Qualified candidates, who possess the skills to teach and manage a classroom environment, will be immersed in this fast paced development program where the Confined Space Level 1 program is dissected by the lead instructor.

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