1. Commercial Solutions Academy
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Commercial Solutions Academy

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Welcome to the Commercial Solutions Academy

Get noticed. Training to help you enhance your brand.

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Explore our Focus Areas

  • Cleaning Workplace Solutions

    Environmental service professionals are faced with the challenge of training their staff and instilling confidence that their performance conforms to industry standards and best practices. The 3M™ SMART Program provides a breadth of effective educational resources, including facility cleaning training and facility cleaning videos to help ensure your facility performs at its very best. In addition to online training courses, 3M also offers in-person training sessions throughout the year.

  • Graphics & Signage

    3M offers a variety of formats for training courses to meet your needs and busy lifestyle. From on-demand online training courses that can be accessed at any time, to in-depth in-person certification courses with hands on testing such as 3M Certified Graphics Installer. We have even rolled out a Mobile Training Vehicle that provides training on the application of graphics and architectural films including Industry best practices and relevant installation techniques.

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