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Zero-compromise connections – from server to switch and everywhere in between.

  • From delivering streaming media in flawless high definition to connecting businesses with global customers in real time, today’s data centers have a need for speed. 3M™ TwinAx High Speed Cable Solutions help you keep servers, switches, storage and other high-speed equipment performing at the levels your customers demand.

    3M Internal I/O or DAC (Direct Attach Copper) TwinAx Cable Assemblies are highly routable, foldable and flexible to easily connect devices even in high-density system architectures. Their thin, low-profile designs allow for more routing options within an enclosure (server or rack) and their foldable ribbon construction enables a wider variety of packaging configurations than other cabling options. Together, these features add up to higher performance, reduced deployment time and less risk of downtime – even with next-generation PCIe 4.0 and 5.0 interfaces.

    And now, these revolutionary cables come in more varieties than ever so you can find the right solution to solve your toughest connection challenges.

3M™ TwinAx cables: Thin, foldable and virtually resonance-free.

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    Ideal for use in high-performance server, mission critical servers and other high-density applications, 3M™ Internal I/O or DAC Twin Axial Cable Assemblies are resonance-free up to at least 40GHz – even with bends and folds. They are designed to offer cost savings by helping to avoid increased PCB material costs and the need for retimers. For external applications, our thin, lightweight, flexible cables help enable unique cable management solutions, simplified serviceability and better airflow. For internal high speed I/O applications, TwinAx enables cable assembly lengths up to 1.7m without the use of retimers while still meeting PCIe4 SI requirements.

Maximize your uptime with bench-to-bench support.

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    When you choose cable assemblies from 3M, you get more than just great products – you get a company you can depend on. Our broad materials science capabilities and technical expertise means we are ready to provide bench-to-bench support to find the best integrated solution for your current and future requirements, including signal integrity (SI) modeling and customized solutions that can support your specific system architecture.

3M™ TwinAx High Speed Cable Solutions

With their extremely tight bend radius and thin ribbon construction, this family of next-generation twin axial cable assemblies allow for easy routing in even the densest server or rack configurations. They are designed for scalability and tight bends without compromising signal integrity performance.

  • 3M™ Low Profile I/O Twin Axial Cable Assemblies are designed to support high density PCIe(R) applications and are compatible with most SlimSAS Low Profile board mount connectors. The thin, low profile Twin Axial cable allows for a wider range of routing options and supports extremely tight bend radii for each unique server configuration. S-parameter performance metrics are not degraded, even with multiple folds.

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