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  • Rising to the demands of today's networked world takes high performance interconnect solutions. Since the beginning of the digital age, 3M has been committed to bringing you innovative connector and assembly products that deliver low and high frequency, space savings and reliable performance. 

    We have solutions to meet almost any electronics design challenge, including connectors, cables, cable assemblies, sockets and embedded capacitance materials. Have questions or not sure what product you need for your individual application? Our dedicated support team is here to provide specifications, drawings, 3D CAD models and more. When you choose 3M, we'll help you make the right connection. 

Close-up of interwoven 3M Twin Axial Cables side profiles with silver hue
Making the right connections.

3M Products for Interconnect

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  • Cable Assemblies

    Innovative low and high frequency cabling solutions to help save space and simplify assembly.

  • Input / Output Connectors

    Advanced shielded I/O solutions designed to meet industry standards.

  • Wire to Board Connectors

    Connect boards with sockets and headers in many grid sizes, including .100”, .050” and 2 mm.

  • Wire to Wire Connectors

    Easy field termination without the need for stripping, tinning or special tools.

  • Board to Board Connectors

    Stack boards with sockets and headers in many pitch sizes, including .100”, .050” and 2 mm.

  • Cable / Wire

    Ranges of cables in popular constructions, pitches and wire gauges compatible with 3M connectors.
  • Storage Connectors

    Interconnect systems for industry standard storage applications.

  • Embedded Capacitance Material

    Reduce impedance and noise to facilitate product innovation and lower system costs.

Enabling Connections to Improve Next Generation Technology

  • Close-up of semiconductor automated machine with blue lighting in clearn room with a stack of wafers


    Factory engineers have many, often confusing or incompatible, choices when designing and installing factory automation systems. 3M is actively working in this space to make those choices easier by supporting major industry initiatives in network communications, machine vision, motion control, network and sensing technologies. By listening to our customers, and by drawing on deep know-how of key enabling technologies, 3M is developing practical, interconnect solutions that bring real value to engineers worldwide.

  • External view of a server using both 3M twin axial cabling and traditional cabling

    High Speed

    Cables can compromise high-speed delivery while causing congestion. Fortunately, 3M has innovative, high-speed solutions that reduce congestion and expenses. 3M enables density without sacrificing performance, providing excellent high-speed performance at a great value.

    3M™ Twin Axial Cable's flat ribbon design allows for an ultra-tight bend radius and multiple folds while performing at incredibly high speeds. It's a design that has competitors racing to catch up.

    3M™ High-Speed Cable Assembly Solutions (PDF, 391KB)

  • Closeup of 4 3M Shrunk Delta Ribbon (SDR) Cable Assemblies

    Machine Vision

    This is your one stop shop for 3M™ Mini D Ribbon (MDR) Cable Assemblies for Camera Link® and Mini-Camera Link® Applications. 3M is the name you can trust, offering proven, reliable boardmount connectors and overmolded cable assemblies for Camera Link™ applications. In addition to maintaining significant available inventory through our distribution partners, we can build standard length, overmolded Camera Link assemblies in three weeks or less. If you don't find the connector or cable assembly you are looking for, let us help you find the product options that fit your needs.

Featured 3M Interconnect Videos

  • close-up of wire to board connector for 450

    3M™ Wire to Board System, 450 Series Connector Animation

  • close-up of variety of flat 3M Twin Axial PCIe cables

    3M™ Twin Axial Cable Assemblies

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  • You can expect 3M to continue producing products with superior quality and value. Use the search tool below to find the RoHS compliance status of the 3M part you are interested in.

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Applicable Markets

  • Data Center

    The world does business at an ever increasing pace. Our always-on, highly integrated world requires businesses to operate faster, smarter and more efficiently. 3M connectors, Twin Axial cables, cable assemblies and other interconnect products are helping enable a new era of data center design.

  • Industrial and Manufacturing

    Imagine a robot relying on camera feedback being unable to correctly place a component due to poor data transmission. Machines must have clear communication to operate an effective assembly line. Any signal loss or corruption of data can have significant impact on the manufacturing process, leading to defects, lower yields and assembly line down time.

    3M’s reliable interconnect solutions can help you design, modify and customize your product, as well as seamlessly integrate our products into your manufacturing process on a global basis. We offer a wide range of solutions including connectors, cable assemblies and assembly tooling.

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