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Impactful membranes for process fluids.

Help customers optimize their industrial water usage and align with regional standards using filtration membranes that reliably remove suspended solids.

Microfiltration membranes for process fluid filtration applications.

Many factors go into selecting the right membrane when developing filters for process fluid applications. You need assurance that the membrane inside your filter will consistently handle potential fluctuations of the process fluid to be filtered, while also maximizing operational efficiency. Increasingly, closed circuits are becoming more relevant, along with meeting cost savings and sustainability goals. High-performing membranes in filters resemble a key component in order to keep pace in achieving these goals. If finding the right membrane feels daunting, 3M can help you uncover a high-quality solution for your specific use case.


Whether your customers need pre-filtration for ultrapure water in their manufacturing processes, or they process wastewater, 3M membranes can help provide a finer degree of filtration. As an integral component in many fluid filtration processes, the microporous membranes help provide batch-to-batch consistency. Help end users process water more effectively and align with regional regulatory standards by incorporating a membrane developed by 3M filtration experts.

A varied and versatile membrane portfolio.

With advanced manufacturing capabilities and decades of expertise across industries, 3M has developed an expansive membrane product portfolio. Our OEM customers work closely with 3M application engineers to help them meet their objectives efficiently and effectively. Finding the appropriate membrane for your application is a seamless process with 3M experts by your side.

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    3M capillary and flat sheet membranes provide:

    • Reliable quality

    • Wide range of products and pore sizes

    • Batch-to-batch consistency

    • Performance helps extend filter life

    • High flow rate and flux performance


    Whether you’re designing filtration devices for single or multiple use applications, 3M is here to help you scale your processes with confidence at every stage of development.

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Consistent, high-quality solutions you can count on.

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    Diverse Portfolio

    3M membranes are available in a wide range of pore sizes for the diverse separation process requirements inherent to in-line and cross-flow applications.

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    Proven Performance

    Filtration precision on a micro scale is a must-have feature across many process fluid applications, and one that has made a demonstrable difference for 3M customers.


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    Standards Compliance

    Operational resources are finite. Divert them where they are most needed while knowing your filtration membrane adheres to the latest regulatory standards.

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    Trusted Expertise

    There’s a reason so many depend on 3M for their microfiltration needs. For over four decades, our global network of experts has advanced particle separation possibilities.

Membrane technology with functional structures.

Microporous membranes incorporate diverse physical properties for filtration modules. Whether your use case relates to lab testing or product development, crossflow or dead-end process streams, 3M membranes are designed to align with your unique goals.

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    Polyethersulfone (PES) Membrane Technology Platform

    Advanced production technology facilitates the development of self-supporting PES membranes. By casting an asymmetrical or even highly asymmetrical pore structure using the SIPS process, 3M produces a reliable portfolio of microfiltration membrane solutions across multiple proven product lines.


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    Polypropylene (PP) Membrane Technology Platform

    PP hydrophobic polyolefin membranes are produced using a TIPS process. As a result of this sophisticated manufacturing procedure, 3M™ MF-PP Capillary Membranes provide high porosity combined with uniform pore distribution throughout the thickness of the membrane.

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    Polyamide (PA) Membrane Technology Platform

    PA hydrophilic membranes chemically resist alkaline solutions and organic solvents. 3M™ MICROLON™ Flat Sheet Membranes help remove particulate from a wide range of fluids, such as those found in photolithographic liquids.

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