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Industrial Membranes

Find membranes to meet your needs for separation and purification in applications including food and beverage, industrial and  pharmaceutical.

Industrial Membranes

In many of today’s industrial processes, membranes add value by providing separation and purification of important products. Membranes recover valuable materials from fluids during a process. In these filtration applications, membranes can be operated either in crossflow or dead-end process streams. The 3M™ DuraPES™/ MicroPES™/ MacroPES™ Flat Membrane product lines are made from Polyethersulfone (PES) and are rated for microfiltration.


Each of these product lines includes various membrane types with morphologies designed to meet requirements for industrial, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical device applications. These membranes can also play an important role in the preparation of process water and the treatment of wastewater to meet environmental requirements.

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Explore 3M Membrane Materials

3M produces a broad range of microporous flat sheet and capillary membranes for use in various industries. Our hydrophobic and hydrophilic membranes, made from a variety of materials such as polyethersulfone and polypropylene, are designed to meet highly diversified market requirements. For example, 3M™ MicroPES™ and 3M™ MF-PP Capillary Membranes materials fulfill demanding tasks in the separation of fluids across many industries, while 3M™ Microlon™ Flat Membranes, made from polyamide, complete the portfolio when it comes to small nominal pore sizes, especially for micro-electronic applications.


Pore size, desired flow rates, and membrane application are all characteristics to consider when selecting your membrane. Learn more about the 3M portfolio below.

3M Industrial Membrane Materials
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