• Window safeguards for schools

    shattered window with broken glass in a commercial building

    How 3M™ Security Film fits into your safety program

    Safe Schools Week raises awareness that all students and faculty deserve a safe, secure and peaceful school.

    • teacher and student in classroom setting with 3M window film protection

      Most schools have existing safety programs, but many of these programs need to be updated to improve their effectiveness—and schools are still easily accessible. Many of the safeguards focus on obvious dangers, and rightly so. But there are other hazards that shouldn’t be overlooked when planning or updating a safety program.

      Severe weather, seismic activity, explosions or even bomb blasts near schools could cause major damage and flying glass could become a disastrous hazard. But something as simple and easy as installing 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film could protect those inside from glass fragments.

      In the event of a bomb blast or explosion, the film helps protect people from flying glass shards—one of the most common causes of blast related injuries and fatalities.

    If there’s a seismic event or severe weather, it helps keep glass fragments from falling from windows, potentially reducing injuries.

    • teenage children at school learning and safe from harm

      In 2015, there was an average of one shooting per week at schools or college campuses. Security window film cannot stop bullets, but it can help to deter dangerous intruders from gaining access to classrooms. It provides precious time by slowing down or stopping those trying to enter by breaking a window, giving students or teachers inside the ability to call for help or run away. The combination of security film with an attachment system improves the overall performance of 3M™ Safety and Security Window Films, thus providing an increased level of safety and security for break and entry events.

      As we advocate for school safety, we need to look at all of the ways we can help protect our students, teachers and communities.