• Spice Jar Organization

    Spice Jar Organization

    Mount your spice jars for easy access and organization. Created by Sawdust and Embryos

    • Materials needed:

      Scotch™ Indoor Fasteners - this project uses 14 strips, 1" each
      • Circle punch or scissors
      • Adhesive labels - this project uses 14
      • Spice Jars - this project uses 14

      NOTE: Follow all Scotch™ Fasteners package instructions for proper surface cleaning, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims.

    • Personalized Labels

      Step 1

      Type various spice names and print adhesive labels to fit the size of your spice jars.

      Step 2

      Use a circle punch or scissors to cut the labels out.

    • Adhere Labels

      Step 3

      Match the labels with the appropriate spices and adhere them to the lids of each spice jar.

      Step 4

      Make sure kitchen wall is clean and dry. Remove the Scotch™ Indoor Fasteners from the packaging.

    • Apply Fastener

      Step 5

      Align and connect one strip of hook material to one strip of loop material.

      NOTE: Be sure to use 1 inch of product for every 1 pound.

      Step 6

      Remove liner from one side and apply fastener to bottom of spice jar. Press firmly on liner for strong adhesive contact.

    • Press Jars to the wall

      Step 7

      Remove liner from the second side and adhere the spice jar to the kitchen wall. Press the jar firmly against the wall for strong adhesive contact.

      Step 8

      Repeat steps 5-7 to mount remaining spice jars.

    •  Final Placement

      Step 9

      Since Scotch™ Indoor Fasteners last for thousands of closures, spice jars can be taken down for use or replacement as desired throughout the year.