Outpatient CDI

Outpatient CDI. Applied to stopping the madness of doing things the hard way.

Why CDI is crucial for outpatient and physician services?

  • Inpatient CDI vs Outpatient CDI

    As volume shifts from inpatient to outpatient services at hospitals and clinics, attention to clinical documentation improvement (CDI) is more crucial than ever. Without an efficient review process, the risk of denials can only increase.

    Outpatient reimbursement is diverse with multiple APC payments from one claim. Charges come in from various hospital departments, such as radiology, lab, and emergency. The claim scrubbing process often happens reactively on the back end. And outpatient staff, especially for physician services, may still work without encoding technology.

    3M’s Outpatient CDI Program combines complete and compliant documentation checks to capture accurate reimbursement, improve revenue and cash flow, and at the same time ward off revenue recovery and efficiently streamline workflows.


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    3M™ Outpatient CDI Program

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    Why CDI is crucial for outpatient and physician services?

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    Outpatient clinical documentation improvement (CDI) at “Medical Center”*

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