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Drive sustainable change

Health care of the future. Technology makes it possible. People make it happen.

There’s a better health care system on the horizon. One that is patient-focused and data-driven. Where clinicians are more empowered and less burned out and workflows are more fluid and seamless. Technology can help make it possible, but it will be people who make meaningful change happen.

3M combines advanced technology with highly skilled professionals and strategies that empower your team to improve care, reduce costs and enhance the patient experience. Whether you are part of a health care provider organization trying to optimize revenue cycle operations, an insurance plan provider seeking to implement population health strategies, or an integrated health system trying to reduce costs and improve operations, our expert consulting teams can take you to the next level.

With advanced 3M technology and consulting services you can get the insights you need to make informed improvement plans.

Roughly 40 percent of health care financial leaders say their organizations lack in-house expertise and capabilities for important activities, such as managing new regulations and payment models. The gaps put providers at risk for coding backlogs, payment delays, claims denials, write-offs, compliance audits and fines from CMS. See how 3M consulting and advisory services can help fill these gaps and mitigate your risk. 

  • 3M offers CDI consulting and advisory solutions that help hospitals better represent the patient populations they serve. Whether your focus is on inpatient or outpatient settings, 3M experts can help elevate and optimize your CDI program.

  • The significant shifts in health care today impact everyone, from payers to providers to patients. Payment models are changing, performance is being recognized and rewarded, and delivery systems are transforming. See how 3M can help your organization adapt.

  • The stakes for coding quality are high. Claims that fail to pass scrutiny can be rejected by payers fully or in part, impacting revenue, denials and delays. See 3M’s best practices for creating an optimal coding quality program.

  • Relieve the strain of backlogs and temporary or permanent staffing shortages with help from 3M’s outsourced coding, CDI and auditing services.

  • Currently, 200 private insurers, 38 state agencies and MedPAC, and 5,000 hospitals trust 3M to help them tackle the shift to pay-for-performance, reduce health care costs and provide better quality health care. See what 3M can do for you.

  • 3M has more than 30 years of experience developing classification, grouping and reimbursement calculation systems for inpatient, outpatient and professional setting. Learn how 3M’s experts can help transform your patient data into actionable knowledge.

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Blogs and podcasts for consulting and advisory services

Explore expert insights and discoveries at the intersection of data science and health care.

  • Clinical documentation: Easing the burden on physicians

    Dr. Gordon Moore and Dr. Beth Wolf discuss how to help physicians accurately document a patient’s true burden of illness without disrupting the delivery of efficient and compassionate care.

  • Measuring what matters in health care

    Dr. John Wasson dives into the issue of clinician burnout caused by “quantophrenia”—a condition he describes as measurement for its own sake without real benefit to patients or providers. The solution to quantophrenia? Just seven simple measures.

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