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Consutling and Advisory Services
Health care of the future. Technology makes it possible. People make it happen.
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3M Healthcare consulting and advisory services

We’re all working toward a better future for health care. And while technology makes advancements possible, your people are the ones who make meaningful change happen.

We combine advanced technology with highly-skilled professionals and strategies that empower your team to improve care, reduce costs and enhance the patient experience.

Let’s work hand-in-hand to achieve your clinical and financial goals. And together, we’ll turn the future of improved health care into a reality.

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How we help you drive change

Complete Documentation
Increase your coding and documentation accuracy with our proven combination of technology and services.

As hospitals prepare for the future of value-based care, they must optimize their work with current fee-for-service reimbursement while focusing on improving quality of care. Maintaining complete and accurate clinical documentation has never been more important.

To help hospitals better represent the patient populations they serve, increase productivity and streamline reimbursement, 3M offers proven, sustainable solutions for improving clinical documentation accuracy.

See how Sheridan Memorial Hospital increased its case mix index by 7.5 percent with help from 3M.

Clinical quality
Uncover quality issues in your documentation and help your team apply actionable data when making clinical and administrative decisions.

Advancing patient care starts with understanding the patient population you serve. With an accurate picture of patient acuity, you can more fairly assess utilization and measure outcomes to identify areas that need improvement.

3M offers advanced technology and consulting services to give hospitals the insights they need to make educated clinical and administrative improvement plans.

See how 3M combines technology and expertise to help you improve the quality of care for your patients.

Operational efficiency
Achieve more efficient and effective quality processes and workflows with help from our consulting experts.

How can you optimize your enterprise-wide operations across inpatient, post-acute, outpatient and emergency department care?

3M’s performance optimization technology and services can help you compare enterprise performance against national and best-practice benchmarks to give you a prioritized list of improvement opportunities as well as a prescriptive, root-cause analysis.

See how we can help optimize the performance of your facilities, sites of service and providers.

Reimbursement accuracy
Optimize your reimbursement by reducing denied claims and improving coding and documentation accuracy.

Every regulation, mandate and reform poses a risk to compliance, coding accuracy and, ultimately, your bottom line. This ever-changing healthcare environment requires constant attention to your coding systems and compliance needs.

What is the best way to build defensible documentation, coding accuracy, quality patient data and accurate reimbursement? Turn to the experts with more than three decades of experience.

See how eight organizations increased their case mix index with 3M’s software and services.

Mitigate risk by achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance with help from our compliance experts.

The stakes for coding quality are high: Claims that fail to pass scrutiny can be rejected by payers fully or in part, impacting revenue, denials and delays.

An effective coding quality program can help:

  • Improve validity of quality outcome data
  • Improve accuracy of patient risk stratification
  • Help improve quality rankings and strengthen performance under value-based care

But what does the optimal compliance program consist of?

See 3M’s best practices for creating an optimal coding quality program.

Staffing shortage

Relieve the strain of backlogs and temporary or permanent staffing shortages with help from our outsourced coding, clinical documentation improvement (CDI) and auditing services.

Why choose 3M? We provide:

  • Quality –onboarding, supervision and ongoing quality control
  • Flexibility – short term, long term, or totally outsourced resources
  • Responsiveness –fast placement without the burden of recruiting and training

See how our outsourced coding services can help you.

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Explore our consulting and advisory solutions

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How can we help you?

Let’s work together to solve today’s challenges.

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