3M Quality Webinar

What opportunities are hiding in your coded data? Unexpected insights from coding validations.

March 17, 2021

Among so many other changes, the COVID-19 pandemic brought a multitude of new diagnosis and procedure codes with new coding guidelines. These new code sets brought a renewed emphasis on coding validation.

Beyond payment accuracy, the right coding data offers tremendous long-term value, including researchable data and crucial insights into disease processes and progression, as well as outcomes at the aggregate level. Join 3M as we explore the value and insights that could be hiding in your coded data. We’ll share some of the surprises we’ve found through multiple coding validations and we’ll share what those could mean for you.

Because we anticipate a high volume of registrations, we are offering a recording of the live presentation during session two.

Get to know our presenters:

  • Sue Belley

    Susan Belley, RHIA, CPHQ, manager of compliance and audit services

    Susan Belley, M.Ed., RHIA, CPHQ, is the manager of compliance and audit services for 3M HIS Consulting Services. She has 30+ years of experience in managing coding and CDI in acute care hospitals before joining 3M in 2011. In her current role,  she is responsible for customers’ coding, DRG and quality audits, clinical content and physician CDI advisory services.

  • Audrey Howard

    Audrey Howard, RHIA, senior inpatient consultant, compliance and audit services

    Audrey has 30 years of experience in Health Information Management. During her professional career, she has worked as a coder, DRG technician, coding supervisor and assistant director at acute care facilities. As a consultant, Audrey has functioned as an auditor related to reimbursement, compliance and quality outcomes. She has authored numerous articles on coding related topics in industry publications and has been a speaker on coding issues at national, regional and state conferences.