Quality webinar

Managing clinical validation denials

Dawn Vitalone, RN, CCDS, CIC
Beth Wolf, MD, CPC, CCDS

July 24, 2019

  • In your organization, is each diagnosis in a patient's health record documented with sufficient clinical evidence?

    In this webinar, 3M experts explain key strategies for:

    • Improving your clinical validation process to prevent denials and adverse DRG adjustments
    • Managing appeals more efficiently
    • Determining what to look for during medical record reviews
    • Engaging physicians throughout the denials process

    Our presenters also provide specific examples of high-target areas for clinical validation denials, as well as explain the difference between DRG denials and clinical validation denials.

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Get to know our presenters

  • Beth Wolf

    Beth Wolf, MD, CPC, CCDS

    Dr. Wolf is board-certified in internal medicine, palliative medicine and clinical informatics. For the past six years, she has worked as the medical director for Health Information Management at Roper St. Francis Healthcare, where she applies her expertise in clinical documentation and serves as the primary liaison to the medical staff on coding and documentation issues. In addition, Dr. Wolf acts as a consultant to 3M on projects related to improving data reliability and aligning clinical documentation integrity efforts with physician and system priorities.

    Make sure to follow all of Dr. Wolf's posts on our Inside Angle blog.

  • Dawn Vitalone

    Dawn Vitalone, RN, CCDS, CIC

    Dawn is an inpatient consultant with 3M Health Information Systems. She has been a registered nurse for over 27 years, with a nursing background in orthopedics, neurology, med/surg, home health care, hospice and case management. Prior to joining 3M, she worked as a clinical documentation improvement (CDI) manager, where she played a key part in developing a comprehensive CDI program for the medical facility. She has also worked as a DRG and clinical validation auditor for two well-known auditing companies. Dawn earned her certification in clinical documentation (CCDS) in 2012 and a certification in inpatient coding (CIC) from AAPC in 2015.